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Hikvision Temperature Screening And Density Control Solutions

Hikvision Temperature Screening Solutions provide a flexible product choice for a multitude of scenarios.  In the event of a scenario where people screening is required, the range has the built-in technology to detect and display temperatures of people within a +/- 0.5 oC accuracy.  The accuracy can be improved to +/- 0.3 oC, by the use of additional equipment like the Hikvision Black Body Calibrator.

Why consider this approach?
  • It's Safer - Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact
  • It's Faster - One second per person for skin-surface temperature detection
  • It's Smarter - AI detection greatly reduces false alarms


The New Normal

Keep staff working on productive and revenue generating tasks, instead of deploying them at the door where they are more susceptible to exposure or close contact and the elements. Stores that have access direct from the street may not wish to have their personnel exposed to the elements, especially on rainy and cold days. Hikvision Density control solutions can be configured to a set occupancy limit, that is pre-defined by the business owner or store manager. The system can be created that sounds an audio able alarm to inform the customer that the store is full, and they must wait until others have left. The systems can also be deployed so that they show the current occupancy, the total allowed enabling the customers to feel more comfortable, if let’s say, a store can have 50 customers, but the current occupancy is only 10.

Now the new normal, is about getting back to business. The Hikvision system can be used to add adverts / marketing messages to the same screen that is showing the stop / go traffic light message to customers. Therefore, providing peace of mind, creating safer environments and giving true business growth benefits.

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Add these benefits to the Thermal Temperature screening cameras, and your offering your customers a truly intuitive and proactive business system to help them get back open and back to business.

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Mayflex is a leading distributor of Hikvision and we have a team of experts on hand that are able to help you at every step of the way, to make sure you choose the right product for each installation. 

Backed by our excellent service and support you know you can trust in Mayflex to deliver the right products, at the right time and with the right support. 

When you buy Hikvision Thermal products from Mayflex we are offering the additional benefits:

  • Extended credit terms - we will help ease your cash flow with an additional 30 days credit*
  • A free patch cord with every camera! - choose a Category 6 unscreened patch cord in a choice 1, 2,3 or 5 metre lengths and a choice of colours.
  • Massive price reduction on pre-configuration - let us take the hassle out of configuring your thermal cameras - we will load your IP addresses, label and upgrade the firmware if desired all for just £4.00 per camera.

To get our latest Hikvision Thermal price list please email or call your account manager directly or call the team on 0121 326 2228.

* Terms and conditions apply

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Extensive Product Range

Extensive Product Range Suited to all Markets

Hikvision has a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different levels of security and cater for projects of all sizes. 

Extensive Product Range

Large Stock Holding & Complementary Products 

Mayflex has developed its business to become a leading distributor of converged IP solutions. Our product range includes IP security, cabling infrastructure and Ethernet switching products.

Extensive Product Range

Hikvision integration with other Security Brands

Hikvision's NVR’s and DVR’s integrate with a host of complementary security brands.

Extensive Product Range

Mayflex Academy: Certified Installer Training

The Mayflex Academy provides customers with access to certified vendor training courses in a professional training environment.

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Training Videos - Step-by-Step Guides

Hikvision have an extensive suite of videos that provide a step-by-step guide to installing products in their range.



Extensive Product Range

Pre-Staging of IP Cameras and Pre-Built NVR’s

Our in-house team of experts can load IP addresses, software, set parameters, naming and logins etc. They can also pre-build NVR’s. We have numerous different models of NVR available with many different storage options for each, ranging from 1TB right up to 32TB and more.

Extensive Product Range

Camera Spraying: Match the Installation Environment

A bespoke service which takes a camera and its associated fittings and spray it to an exact colour requirement. Offering clients, a discreet solution which blends in with its surrounding environment.

Extensive Product Range

Sales Personnel: Assist with Product Choice and Design

The Mayflex team of security sales experts, are available to offer support on product choice and system design. Suggesting the products best suited to a project’s requirements.

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Dedicated Pre-sales and Technical Support

Our dedicated pre-sales resource and technical team, are based out of our Birmingham HQ and are available 5 days a week between 8am and 6pm.

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