Pre-Terminated Fibre

Our Specialist Support Services include a full range of Pre-Terminated Fibre solutions.

What are the benefits of Pre-Terminated Fibre?

  • Reduces installation costs
  • Reduces installation times by as much as 75%
  • Reduces equipment and specialist labour costs
  • Fast turnaround - typically 2 days
  • Fully factory tested, fully traceable – 100% inspected
  • Test certificate included with every assembly
  • Covered by the 25-year Excel system warranty when installed by an accredited partner
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces waste onsite
  • Maximises cable usage


  • Available in OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS2
  • Available in all core counts from 2 to 24
  • Bespoke breakout lengths to suit application
  • Machine polished
  • Pre-labelled
  • Ferrule geometry checked on interferometer to ensure best performance in all conditions
  • Fitted with protection both ends
  • One end fitted with a pulling eye
  • Glands pre-fitted both ends
  • Available on a drum or coiled in a bag
  • Plug and Play

Click here to view the range of specification sheets available to provide key technical details about our pre-termintated fibre solutions.

Excelerator Distribution cables

  • Ideal for panel to panel links
  • Internal/external tight-buffered cable
  • LSOH
  • 900 micron tails
  • All tails colour coded
  • Available with cassettes pre-fitted for the Excel mixed-use panel
  • Cable colour - black

Excel Loose Tube cables

  • Similar to distribution cables but using loose tube construction
  • Internal/external
  • Silica gel filed tube
  • LSOH
  • Small diameter

Excel CST cables

  • Similar to loose tube - same internal construction
  • Corrogated steel tape armoured
  • Internal/external grade
  • LSOH
  • Duct grade
  • Rodent resistant

Excel SWA cables

  • Similar to loose tube - same internal construction
  • Steel wire armoured
  • Internal/external grade
  • LSOH
  • Duct grade
  • Rodent resistant
  • Suitable for direct burial
  • Available in OM1, OM2 and OS2

Excel Fibre cassettes

  • Pre-loaded with pigtails & adaptors
  • MTP cassettes - any configuration (standard, MOD1, MOD2)

Excel Fibre panels

  • Preloaded adaptors, cassettes, pigtails as required
  • Any quantity of adaptors, pigtails
  • Splice cassettes and splice holders
  • Labelling


Download Spec Sheets

Download the Excel Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies Specification Sheets:

Excel Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies

Excel Pre-Terminated CST Cable Assemblies

Excel Pre-Terminated Ruggedised Cable Assemblies

Excel Pre-Terminated SWA Cable Assemblies

Excel Re-Deployable Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies


pre-terminated fibre


pre-terminated fibre


pre-terminated fibre

Pre-Terminated Fibre Assemblies provide you with a ‘plug and play’ system.

For further details and prices on the Specialist Support Services provided by Mayflex contact us on 0800 75 75 65, email or download the Specialist Support Services Brochure.