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Introduction to IP CCTV Course - 2 Part Course - 18th - 19th January - 9.30 a.m. - 12noon

If you currently install cabling solutions but not IP security products, then this introductory course is perfect for you.  This is one day course has been split into two, 2.5 hour, online training modules that will run on two consecutive days at 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon each day.

Avigilon ACC Kickstart Online Training - 25.1.22 - 9.30a.m. - 12noon

The popular Avigilon ACC classroom course is available online.  We are now helping you kickstart your learning by delivering a 2.5 hour interactive webinar.  

Covering all the required elements to gain your qualification by learning at home.  In addition to the webinar, you will need to complete about a day of online study and complete the exam. 

This course is designed to teach physical installation best practices, common system configurations as well as optimising the ACC system to ensure a successful implementation for your customers. You will learn the basics of installing Avigilon cameras and using and configuring the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Client to monitor and control video. 

Introduction to Access Control Online Course - 01.2.22 - 9.30am -12noon

This training course webinar is aimed at cabling installers who currently don't install or have little knowledge of IP Security Solutions plus security installers with little or no access control knowledge or experience.

Presented by experienced trainer James Vian, we will cover the basic knowledge, enabling you to confidently take the next step in your access control career.

We'll round off with the next steps, detailing contact information and all the ways we can help you increase your success.

This will last approximately 3 hours.

Following on from this course, we would like to invite you to join our vendor partners to extend your product and solution knowledge.


Hikvision HCSA Online Training 2.2.22 - 9.00am - 5.00pm

If you are looking to become an authorised Hikvision installer, sign up for our entry level HCSA Course. This course has been developed to help individuals and companies improve their competence and skills in a professional and skilled manner. The HCSA course teaches you to set up, install and operate Hikvision cameras. This is the perfect choice if you are looking to take the first steps into becoming an authorised Hikvision installer.  This is a one day remote attendance course via Zoom.  You will need to attend the whole day although time will be set aside for refreshment/lunch breaks during the day. 

Completing the course and passing the end of course assessment will result in issuing of a certificate issued by Hikvision.

Please note that we expect attendees to have a good working knowledge of basic networking and CCTV, plus a minimum of 1 year experience or to have attended the Mayflex Intro to IP CCTV course.

Paxton Net2 Essential Training - 22.2.22 - 9.00am - 12.00pm

This session is crucial for anyone installing Net2, whether you are a new installer or a regular installer looking to keep up with the latest developments. This course will cover everything you need to know to install and configure the Net2 hardware and the maintenance of the system.

Paxton Net2 Advanced Training - 22.2.22 - 1.00pm - 4.00pm

This course is designed for installers who have completed the Net2 Essential training and wish to expand their knowledge of the more specialised ap

Recurring Courses

Certified Telecommunications Project Management - 30 Hours on-line

This unique distance learning program is targeted at individuals looking to improve the overall performance of their telecommunications and data centre projects. Suitable for those with experience of telecommunications planning, installation and maintenance within a data centre environment, the program addresses how to successfully design, develop, execute and close a project.

Suprema, Simple & Contactless Access Control Solutions - On Demand

Suprema, has announced the release of it’s new mobile contactless solution, ‘Suprema Mobile Access’, a complete platform for managing, issuing and tracking access credentials using smartphones.

With Suprema Mobile Access, you can use your smartphone as a credential and access doors, gates and more.

Through Suprema Mobile Access and Airfob portal, you can meet improved user convenience and easier way to support 3rd party controller.  

Learn more about it in this 80 minute training session.

Avigilon - Solving Today's Surveillance Challenges using Video Analytics - On Demand Webinar

This session will look at some of the latest innovations in AI and how they are applied to real world situations.  Come and discover how advances in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have allowed for a leap in the capabilities of Next Generation analytics.

VSS - Video Storage appliances - Flexible hardware for the IP surveillance - On Demand Webinar

Storage accelerator –  Maximum performance benefits on the video optimised appliances for both Bandwidth and maximising storage with your hardware, reducing total cost of ownership.
Latest generation processors  and GPU’s– latest firmware, highest capacity cores, specifically selected for the IP surveillance  and why?. GPU’s  - Open platform benefits when using across multiple Vendor analytics.

Overview of the Veracity HIGHWIRE product family (Ethernet and POE Over Coax Devices) - On Demand Webinar

When upgrading an existing Analogue CCTV System to IP, recabling can be avoided by utilizing Veracity HIGHWIRE. HIGHWIRE establishes a standard Ethernet connection over Coax, whilst far exceeding the distance limitations of standard Ethernet connections which are encountered with CAT5 and CAT6. In addition, the HIGHWIRE Powerstar product range has been designed to forward PoE in order to facilitate remote powering of Cameras and other Endpoint Devices.
Veracity are the market leaders in Ethernet over Coax Solutions and HIGHWIRE was the first Ethernet over Coax Device to be introduced to the marketplace in 2003. Our presentation aims to give an insight into how the HIGHWIRE family of products can be used to save costs and simplify Analogue to Digital System upgrades.

Suprema UK Connect - New Product Introduction - FaceStation F2 - On Demand Webinar

This webinar will cover new features and concepts that will be applied to the BioStar 2 platform. Flagship Suprema Device with Suprema Mobile Access Support & Covid-19 Friendly.

An introduction on the new FaceStation F2 and advanced enrolment methods will be provided to give an idea on how to utilize the new device. 

Key features of FSF2 are User Photo Enrolment, Access on Card, 1:N 50,000 Face User Support, Mask Detection, and Fingerprint Sensor support.  
F2 from FaceStation F2 means “Fusion”. 
The terminology Fusion represents IR based Face recognition and our new AI-based Visual Face recognition. 
“IR based Face recognition” gives you better anti-spoofing mechanism to detect fake faces and “Visual based Face recognition” offers you the speed in both enrolment and authentication.