AEM Support Services

Choosing to purchase an AEM TestPro CV100 tester from Mayflex means that you take advantage of the 3 Year Extended Care Plan. After the initial purchase you will have no additional costs in keeping your tester calibrated and in working order for three years.

Key Features  
✔ Mayflex telephone support Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. – Call 0800 093 1202  
✔ Email support monitored 24 hours per day  
● For out of hours visit and raise a support ticket  
✔ Free yearly calibration service  
✔ 5-day turnaround to calibrate your tester  
✔ Free software updates  
✔ Free tester loan unit for technical faults where the tester needs to be sent away for repair*  
✔ Free repair or replacement due to accidental damage**  
✔ Free Adapter replacement for those adapters supplied as part of a kit***  
* If loan units are available at that time  
** Note only one claim can be made per year  
*** Damaged Permanent Link and Channel adapters – only 1 set of each can be replaced in a 12-month period.  
Note - new adapters will be shipped out to you and you must return your worn adapters within 14 days.

Annual Calibration

● We will contact you 4 weeks prior to when your tester is due for calibration  
● We will issue you with an RMA number  
● You need to securely package your tester and include the RMA number  
● We will arrange collection of your tester  
● The tester will be calibrated within 5 working days and returned directly to you.  
Note – if required we can provide a loan unit, however we aim to turn the testing round so  
quickly, usually within a couple of days, so you shouldn’t need one.  
Please note as part of the calibration service we will also ensure that your tester is updated with  
the latest firmware – should you not want to update the firmware at this point, please make our  
technical team aware of this when booking in your calibration update.  
If you have any queries simply email the Mayflex Technical team at  
or call 0800 093 1202

The NSA range is covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Any Technical Faults

Should you have a technical fault with your AEM tester please follow this process:  
● Contact the Mayflex Technical Team on or call 0800 093 1202  
● If your issue cannot be resolved over the telephone, we will arrange for your tester to be repaired  
● We will issue you with an RMA number  
● You need to securely package your tester and include the RMA number  
● We will arrange for the tester to be collected from you  
● If a loan unit is available this will be shipped directly to you  
● As soon as the tester is fixed this will be shipped directly to you and you will need to return the  
loan unit within 5 working days.

For further information on our AEM Support Service, please contact the team on 0121 326 2483 or email us on

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