Camera & Bracket Spraying

Many establishments like their security cameras to be as discreet as possible and blend in with their surrounding environment.

Our bespoke camera and bracket spraying service can take a security camera and spray it and its associated fittings to an exact colour requirement. This is a service which can provide an installer with flexibility and a key differentiator which can help to win projects.


  • Any RAL colour
  • Bespoke colour matching service
  • Lead time - 1-3 weeks depending on quantity and camera type
  • No minimum order quantity. Minimum order value of £80.00
  • Available for all camera vendors distributed by Mayflex*

Please note once cameras have been sent for spraying, we cannot accept any changes to your order.

For further details and prices on the Specialist Support Services from Mayflex contact us on 0800 75 75 65, email or download the Specialist Support Services Brochure.

*Mayflex will only paint cameras that keep their original warranty once painted, please talk to our sales team to confirm that this applies to your camera of choice.