Fluke Support Services

Mayflex’s Fluke Support team are on hand to help you with a range of services relating to your Fluke Networks’ devices. Outlined below is an overview of what is included with our offering, but if you need any further guidance, please contact the team using the above details and we’ll be happy to help.

Mayflex will...

  • Confirm your calibration due date with you, and arrange for your unit to be calibrated and collected on a day to suit you
  • Act as a single point of contact between yourself and Fluke Networks
  • Support you in contacting the Fluke Technical Team to ensure you receive a response in the quickest time
  • Provide full technical support for all your equipment via our UK Technical Support Team
  • Arrange the collection and repair of a faulty unit on your behalf, and ensure your unit it returned to you in the shortest timeframe
  • Organise a replacement accessory for a unit with a failed component
  • Manage an advanced booking system to schedule your calibration at least 6 weeks in advance for optimum convenience and if required, we will arrange a loan unit whilst your tester is in calibration to ensure you’re not without a tester

What does this service cost?

Absolutely nothing. Mayflex is providing this service to all customers who purchase a Fluke Networks unit with Gold support through us – free of charge. All of the Fluke products that you purchase with Fluke Gold Support are covered by our service.

How to claim if you have a fault

Simply provide our team with your unit’s serial number(s) and a description of the fault. We will handle the rest. 

For further information on our Fluke Support Service, please contact the team on 0121 326 2483 or email us on Testers@mayflex.com.

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