Configured Racks

Our Specialist Support Services include Configured Racks for the Environ Floor and Wall Racks, where we install the majority of kit that you need and we deliver it ready configured to site.

What are the benefits of Pre-Configured Racks?

  • Reduces installation costs
  • Reduces installation times
  • Reduces equipment and specialist labour costs
  • Fast turnaround - typically 2 days
  • *Covered by the 25-year Excel system warranty when installed by an accredited partner
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces waste onsite


We pre-install items, exactly where required including:

  • PDU’s - horizontal & vertical
  • Fan trays + Patchcord/cable management
  • Shelves - all types
  • Cable tray/basket
  • Pre-loomed cabling - patchcords, power etc.
  • Environ Electronic Lock Solutions
  • Special locks - unique keys, combination locks, RFID locks
  • Pre-approved layout drawing/specification
  • Pre-labelled

For further details and prices on the Specialist Support Services from Mayflex contact us on 0800 75 75 65, email or download the Specialist Support Services brochure.