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Hikvision Standalone 4G Solar Panel Kit

Have you ever been asked to provide a CCTV solution for an application that has difficult or impossible implications around the civil costs of getting power and data cables installed?

Thanks to Hikvision’s Standalone 4G Solar Kit there is now no need for civil engineers to install utilities or cables.

This all in one unit (note the battery is purchased separately), has all the bracketry and equipment that is required to run a CCTV system anywhere, as long as it has access to sunlight.



Even where installations have little or no sun with a little extra work, as the camera connects with a 485 connector, you can extend the link between the mounting unit and the camera.  i.e. on a carpark the solar panel could be located on the side of the building and the camera positioned inside to cover the area of interest.

The camera has a low power chip set and the system allows for power save functions to be deployed to get the most out of every second of day light. A nice touch with the unpredictable UK weather.

When in full power mode the camera has 7 smart event functions including; line cross detection; intrusion detection; region entrance detection; region exiting detection; unattended baggage detection; object removal detection and scene change detection.

The camera can be used with Hik-Connect or Hik-Central (V1.7.0) but only one at a time and there is no special license needed if deploying into a Hik-Central system.  

The battery has a black box integrated in to it, allowing for remote dial in for system logs.

All in all, a very useful solution for installers and integrators where power and cabling cannot be installed.

Features include:

  • 40W Solar Panel
  • 2MP 30fps camera
  • 30m IR
  • 4G connectivity
  • Built in 25GB memory - expandable to 256GB with memory card
  • IP67
  • Level 12 wind resistance

Download the Hikvision Infographic for further details.

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