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Hikvision AX Pro Series

Wireless Alarm System


The AX PRO wireless alarm system is app-driven and features a wide range of on-demand products and delivers on-board video with Hikvision’s revolutionary, tested-and-proven wireless protocol for rock-solid stability. 

The AX PRO provides an ideal intrusion protection solution, especially for residential areas, retail and SMBs. With its minimalist design and superior detector compatibility, it can connect a variety of security peripherals to enhance safety. Examples include motion detector (with built-in camera), magnetic contact, smoke sensor, water leak detector, and much more.



Listen to Neil Staley our Security Market Manager who in just over 5 minutes will talk you through the AX PRO Wireless Intruder Alarm System. 



Listen to Neil Staley our Security Market Manager discuss the benefits of the Tri-Tech Detector


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AX PRO Family

Key Features

The core building blocks of the AX Pro Solution:

Offering a wider view.
The AX PRO incorporates IVaaS, integrating video verification capabilities with 4 camera video buffer ON-BOARD, to show the customer exactly what’s happening, so they can take appropriate action.

Radio silence...
Don’t be a victim of jamming or interference! Advanced antijamming security on Hikvision’s radio protocol protects the integrity of the system over the long term, providing increased stability and security.

With the AX PRO, the entire range of security, safety and video products deliver the same stylish, professional and uniform finish with equally outstanding performance.

Fast, reliable and secure, the powerful Tri-X Wireless Technology delivers the next level of security; speeding up installations, while delivering the best experience for both installers and their customers.

Be safe in the knowledge your system is fully EN Grade 2 compliant. Building a resilient system tailored to individual needs, without compromising on effectiveness and reliability.

Ease of Installation
With faster installation and flexibility, over time the panel auto-adapts to changing ISP or equipment. With features like auto-enrollment and quick-install peripherals, you can do more.


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App Programming

It’s all in the app

One manufacturer, one interface. With the AX PRO, the power is in your hands: manage multiple systems through the Hik-ProConnect app and web interface, configure devices, control video and monitor.
A total system with total control.

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Detect with PIRCAM

Be secure with detection and video in one!
Capture snapshots as the action happens. Stay safe and be informed about intrusions in real time with live updates.
PIRCAM keeps you in the loop


How else we can support you:

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Extensive Product Range

Extensive Product Range Suited to all Markets

Hikvision has a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different levels of security and cater for projects of all sizes. 

Extensive Product Range

Large Stock Holding & Complementary Products 

Mayflex has developed its business to become a leading distributor of converged IP solutions. Our product range includes IP security, cabling infrastructure and Ethernet switching products.

Extensive Product Range

Hikvision integration with other Security Brands

Hikvision's NVR’s and DVR’s integrate with a host of complementary security brands.

Extensive Product Range

Mayflex Academy: Certified Installer Training

The Mayflex Academy provides customers with access to certified vendor training courses in a professional training environment.

Extensive Product Range

Training Videos - Step-by-Step Guides

Hikvision have an extensive suite of videos that provide a step-by-step guide to installing products in their range.



Extensive Product Range

Pre-Staging of IP Cameras and Pre-Built NVR’s

Our in-house team of experts can load IP addresses, software, set parameters, naming and logins etc. They can also pre-build NVR’s. We have numerous different models of NVR available with many different storage options for each, ranging from 1TB right up to 32TB and more.

Extensive Product Range

Camera Spraying: Match the Installation Environment

A bespoke service which takes a camera and its associated fittings and spray it to an exact colour requirement. Offering clients, a discreet solution which blends in with its surrounding environment.

Extensive Product Range

Sales Personnel: Assist with Product Choice and Design

The Mayflex team of security sales experts, are available to offer support on product choice and system design. Suggesting the products best suited to a project’s requirements.

Extensive Product Range

Dedicated Pre-sales and Technical Support

Our dedicated pre-sales resource and technical team, are based out of our Birmingham HQ and are available 5 days a week between 8am and 6pm.

Extensive Product Range

Online Ordering with

Find the Hikvision products that you want easier and faster with Order online up to 8pm for next day free delivery. You can also pay for your online purchases using a visa, maestro or master card.