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Wavestore 6 32

Wavestore 6.32

This new release provides many new features and capabilities which will make life much easier and more productive for both the end user and the system integrator.

With the launch of 6.32, a host of new features and benefits have been introduced to Wavestore’s Video Management Software, including Easy Review of Incidents. This useful new addition means that operators can review footage from cameras shown in a layout and switch between layouts whilst preserving the playback time. Essentially this means that incidents can be watched from all angles whilst the time runs consistently when moving between them. This footage can then be exported providing video files, which can be used for evidence or further scrutiny.
Take a look at this new feature in the video.
With the new Hot Spots feature, operators can easily follow subjects of interest around a site. On-screen Hot Spot buttons can be programmed to dynamically appear overlayed on the video display to instantly select the next camera.
Hot Spots are ideal for new or occasional users, as there is no time-consuming site learning necessary. Experienced operators can follow the all the action without taking their eyes off the screen. Hot Spots can even be used during playback, making it very easy to review incidents.
A new Layouts Browser tab makes it easy for operators to switch from layout to layout to improve their situational awareness, particularly in larger installations where they need to monitor many cameras and switch between different areas very quickly.
Effective reviewing of incidents has been made even easier by a new facility that preserves playback time when switching between layouts. This, coupled with the new Layout Browser, makes following an incident, even one that plays out over an extended time frame and geographical area, absolutely straightforward.
  • Wavestore 6.32 sees a further significant extension to the Wavestore video analytics capability by the addition of the Wavestore Analytics servers.
  • These Deep Learning Object Tracking and People Tracking video analytics devices provide the feature-rich capabilities of highly accurate real-time analytics-based event rules that can trigger on very specific event causes.
  • The object classification and position metadata is constantly captured alongside the video data on the Wavestore video server. This enables powerful, detailed forensic search to deliver exactly the right video to the operator, quickly and easily.
  • The Wavestore Analytics servers can be added to an existing system so that these capabilities can be provided without replacing the installed cameras.

Wavestore Health Monitor allows the proactive monitoring of any number of Wavestore servers. The health of the system can be seen at a glance, showing the status of the servers, cameras, storage, recording retention times and time synchronisation. Simply click on a server to get detailed information about disks, CPUs fans and so on.

There are numerous other updates which allow Wavestore systems to be more easily used, set up and managed, including:

  • It is now even easier to move around large maps using our new map scrolling feature.
  • Maps and Custom Channel lists are now quicker to set up with searchable camera lists.
  • Populating the Video Display Area with exactly the required cameras has now been simplified. Hold down Shift or CTRL when selecting multiple cameras and then drag them onto the VDA.
  • Camera settings can now be imported from a file, speeding up the process of enrolling large numbers of cameras onto a Wavestore server.
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