Varifocal IR-corrected 12-50 mm P-Iris lens for cameras up to 8 megapixel resolution and 1/1.8" sensor.

Part Code: LENS CS 12-50 MM F1.4 P-IRIS 8MP

This Tamron varifocal 8 megapixel CS mount lens has a focal length of 12 – 50 mm and the fast aperture (F-number) is F1.4. The P-Iris lens is IR corrected and specially made for cameras with support for P-Iris technology. The lens supports cameras with up to 8 megapixels and is compatible with selected cameras from AXIS P13 and AXIS Q16 Network Camera Series.

  • Varifocal 8 MP lens
  • P-Iris
  • 12-50 mm
  • Supports sensors up to 1/1.8"
Focus Variable
Focal range 12...50 mm

Key Features

  • Focus: Variable
  • Focal range: 12...50 mm

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