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Fiber QuickMap Enterprise Fiber Troubleshooter with carrying pouch

Part Code: FQM-M

Multimode Fiber Distance and Fault Locator. VFLs work well for exposed lengths of fiber near a patch panel by illuminating bad connections and breaks. They are not very helpful for cable runs more than a few meters, or when the cable is not visible or accessible, or when the laser light can’t penetrate the jacket.

  • Measure and locate high-loss splices
  • Measure and locate high loss connections and breaks
  • Locate the end of a fiber
  • Find potential sources of high bit error rates caused by reflectance from dirty or poor connections
  • Detects live optical signals before it begins testing
Suitable for Fibre
Model Verification tester
Type of indication LCD
Test result storage no

Key Features

  • Suitable for: Fibre
  • Model: Verification tester
  • Type of indication: LCD
  • Test result storage: no

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