AXIS Q8752-E 35 MM 8.3 FPS

AXIS Q8752-E 35 MM 8.3 FPS

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AXIS Q8752-E Bispectral PTZ Camera 35mm 8.3 FPS

Part Code: AXIS Q8752-E 35 MM 8.3 FPS

Ideal for perimeter surveillance and border control, AXIS Q8752-E offers reliable thermal detection and visual identification with x32 integrated optical zoom in one bispectral camera. AXIS Q8752-E Zoom delivers 3x thermal zoom allowing you to detect a human as far as 3 km (3342 yards) according to Johnson’s criteria. 35 mm thermal model is also available. It features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) on both channels and smooth PTZ operation.

Thermal detection and visual verification

  • Thermal and visual camera in one
  • 360° infinite pan
  • Dual Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Signed firmware, secure boot, and TPM 2.0
  • Thermal palettes
Model Pan-Tilt-Zoom
Area of application Outdoor
Transmission TCP/IP
Focal range 35...35 mm
Power consumption 204 W
Colour White
With lens yes
With IR lamp yes
Vandal-resistant yes
IP-rating IP66
IK Rating IK10
Built-in Analytics yes
Horizontal field of view 17...17 °
Vertical field of view 12...812.8 °
Supply voltage 20...28 V
Voltage type AC/DC
ONVIF-compliant yes
Mounting method Other
Property picture system Thermal

Key Features

  • Model: Pan-Tilt-Zoom
  • Area of application: Outdoor
  • Transmission: TCP/IP
  • Focal range: 35...35 mm
  • Power consumption: 204 W
  • Colour: White

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