AXIS Q2901-E 19MM 8.3 FPS

AXIS Q2901-E 19MM 8.3 FPS

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For remote temperature monitoring

Part Code: AXIS Q2901-E 19MM 8.3 FPS

The outdoor-ready, bullet-style AXIS Q2901-E delivers thermal imaging in 336x256 resolution. AXIS Q2901-E supports up to six temperature alarm zones that can be used to trigger an alarm. It offers two kinds of alarms triggered by a deviation of the temperature: if the temperature goes beyond a set limit, or if it increases too rapidly. The spot temperature functionality is used to view the temperature of a particular area. Isothermal palettes highlight temperature-spans in the image, making it easier to visualize hot spots to identify overheated equipment or areas.

  • Temperature alarm
  • Isothermal palettes
  • Spot temperature reading
  • High performance intelligent video
Model Bullet
Area of application Outdoor
Transmission TCP/IP
Power over Ethernet 802.3 af (PoE)
Number of pixels (Megapixel) 0.1
Focal range 19...19 mm
Colour White
Wireless no
With IR lamp no
Number of audio inputs 1
Number of audio outputs 1
IP-rating IP67
Built-in Analytics yes
Horizontal field of view 17...17 °
ONVIF-compliant yes
Mounting method Wall/ceiling
Property picture system Thermal

Key Features

  • Model: Bullet
  • Area of application: Outdoor
  • Transmission: TCP/IP
  • Power over Ethernet: 802.3 af (PoE)
  • Number of pixels (Megapixel): 0.1
  • Focal range: 19...19 mm

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