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Depth = 500
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Environ data racks
Our range of Excel Environ racks are a cost effective way to preserve floor space and can be used for a wide range of applications. From data centres to security and enterprise, each rack and cabinet is designed for a specific purpose, ensuring you’ll find the right solution for your business. Robust, secure and easy to access, the data rack and cabinet is designed to allow maximum air flow and ventilation.

Eaton wall mount data racks
Safe, secure and easy to access, Eaton wall mount racks offer brilliant value for money from the moment they’re installed. Whether you have a data centre, network cupboard or small server room, our range of Eaton wall mounted data racks and cabinets will provide advanced protection for your critical IT equipment.

APC wall mount data racks
APC is a leading supplier of open and enclosed wall mounted data racks. Choosing the right size cabinet and rack plays a critical part in ensuring your equipment works at optimum levels. APC’s range of wall mounted racks are designed to work in a vast range of environments including network cupboards, data centres and server rooms for offices, industrial, and specialty applications.

Chatsworth CPI wall mount data racks
Make your data cabinets and cables easy to access and free up floor space with our range of Chatsworth CPI data racks. Safe, secure and robust, we supply Chatsworth CPI racks with swing or fixed frames. The swing frames pivot open on one side and use support patch panels. This allows access to the rear of equipment. The fixed frames can hold more weight and are suitable for switches and network routers.