Our Values

Our Values

our value at mayflex

Mayflex are ideally positioned to face all new challenges well into the future. We believe that to continue the present growth and success of Mayflex we must maintain commitment to our core values:

Our values define how we want to conduct ourselves and our business and help us to create value for our customers, our people and our organisation; ASPIRE for the future!

Ambition – Investing in time and resource in planning and strategizing for future with the desire to add value, be innovate and increase our relevance to customers and vendor partners

Service – We take seriously the importance of our service and commit to listening to customer feedback and challenging ourselves to ensure continuous improvements

Pace – We operate in a dynamic, ever-changing market led by disruptive technology and evolving competitors.  We understand that to prosper in this environment we need to operate in a fast but controlled pace.

Integrity – We demonstrate integrity and professionalism in all our business conduct.

Respect – We work with each other to enable development, by adopting a strong ethos of experiences, team working and regular communication.

Excellence – We are continually responsive to our suppliers and customer needs enabling us to exceed their expectations. 

We recognise and reward our employees for going the extra mile and for demonstrating commitment to our values.

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