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IP Security

Mayflex has developed its business to become a leading distributor of Converged IP Solutions. Our product range includes IP security, cabling infrastructure and Ethernet switching products, everything necessary for a successful security installation.


Our range of camera offerings incorporate products suitable for internal and external deployment, designs with fixed or zoom functionality and a range of lenses, housings and mounting accessories which make them suitable for a wide range of business applications.

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Data Transmission

Image transmission is a key consideration when designing a modern IP security system. We offer a range of switches, baluns, encoders, and decoders to provide a choice of wired and wireless means of achieving the required result. 

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Image Recording and Storage

Our solutions provide scalable and highly resilient solutions for networks of all sizes, when it comes to the storage, accessibility and retrieval of images and related information.

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Access Control

A modern building management system, as part of the converged network that sits at its core, will include the ability to monitor and control access to and throughout a single or multiple buildings. Our network based solutions, offer quick and easy installation from a single door too many thousands, supported by a flexible and intuitive software management system.

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VMS & Analytics

One of the most significant advancements in system functionality when comparing analogue to IP based systems, is that of management information and the ability to receive and access this in a pro-active and highly productive manner. Our offering includes some of the markets most powerful software management ­and analytical systems. 

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Infra-Red & White Light Illuminators

Effective lighting systems are essential to manage image quality, as well as acting as a deterrent in certain applications. We offer a range of "white light", and infra-red light solutions which can be installed as standalone systems or integrated with our camera solutions. 

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The brands in our IP Security Portfolio include:

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