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IGMP Snooping

Question : 

How to disable IGMP snooping on Edgecore ECS Switches ?


The factory default settings on the Edgecore ECS switches have DHCP enabled. This means if you don’t have a DHCP server available when the switch is introduced/patched onto the network it will not assign an IP address to the switch and you will not be able to view the GUI of the switch to change the configuration.

By factory default IGMP is also enabled on the switch which basically means it blocks certain traffic resulting in cameras not being discovered through for example the Avigilon Control Centre Client.

To assign a static IP address to and disable the IGMP snooping function you will need to alter the configuration through the console port.

A console lead is provided with the switch to enable you to configure the Edgecore switch through the console port on the device. However, You will need to use either a serial to USB converter lead with the lead provided or a male to male VGA adaptor to enable you to configure the switch.

If you don’t already have emulation software on your laptop or P.C i.e Putty or Telnet you will need to download a version from the link below:-

Choose the link version For Windows on Intel x86 PuTTY: putty.exe

You will then need to setup the emulation software so you can communicate with the Edgecore switch.


Make sure the terminal emulation software is set as follows:

Select the appropriate serial port i.e. COM port 1 or COM port 2 etc

Set the baud rate to 115200 bps.

Set the data format to 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.

Set flow control to none.

Set the emulation mode to VT100.

When using HyperTerminal, select Terminal keys, not Windows keys.


Once you have configured the putty software or equivalent logon to the putty/telnet session

Username: admin

Password: admin

Follow the commands below to configure the static IP address and disable the IGMP snooping to allow the IP cameras to be discovered through the vendor software.


Console(config)#interface vlan 1

Console(config)#no ip igmp snooping


Console# copy running-config startup-config

then press "Enter"

Console#show ip interface

Type in prompt above to see if the ip details have been accepted by the switch.