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How Do I Submit A Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA)

Question : 

How do I submit an RMA?


The first step of the process is getting an RMA number. You cannot send the product back without an RMA number, if you do this you risk the item not being processed and could lead to it being lost and no action taken. First, you’ll have to contact Technical Support at, you’ll need to either fill out an RMA form on which can be found on the Mayflex website or call the phone number 0800 093 1202 option 2; clearly explain your problem to the Technical Support Team. They will try to fix your problem over the phone, so being clear that you have tried various solutions can help. If you say, “My product doesn't work,” they will likely try to walk you through troubleshooting steps. If you say, “My product doesn’t work, and I’ve tried all these things, so I need to get an RMA.” and list all the things you have tried, you will probably get an RMA number more quickly.