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AcuSense Technology

AcuSense from Hikvision allows you to ‘Focus and Act’ and pay attention to the things that matter, rather than being consumed with too much data/information. With built-in self-learning technology AcuSense will enable your system to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects.

With AcuSense you will experience:

  • Improved alarm accuracy and search efficiency
  • Intrusion detection and deterrence for home security
  • Accurate trespass alarm, 24 hours a day
  • Customisable visual and auditory warnings

AcuSense technology is built into a range of Hikvision networks cameras, NVRs and DVRs which:

  • Vastly reduces false alarms through human & vehicle classification
  • Searches targets quickly using sorted human & vehicle video clips
  • Performs real-time deterrence using flashing light and custom auditory warning


Typical Applications

Home Security

Enhance your home security with:

  • Prompt notifications via a Smartphone – allowing you to check alarm information and view live video feed
  • Light and sound intruder deterrence* – react to intrusion events with a flashing light and customisable siren
  • *Turbo DVR with AcuSense technology requires a PIR/TurboX camera for visual and audible alarm


CCTV Control Rooms

AcuSense technology can help control room operators to see and focus on the right things, improving efficiency and workloads

  • For playback and video search
  • Quick search for human or vehicle-related video through sorted folders



Monitoring factories and warehouses takes time and resources, particularly where man guarding is required.  With AcuSense technology built-in you can trust the technology to secure your premises inside and out.

  • Replace security patrols with camera monitoring
  • Accurate trespassing alarm for human target - AcuSense devices can be set to send alerts only upon the detection of a human intrusion event.   Animals crossing will no longer trigger the alarm.


Restricted Areas

Restricted or dangerous areas are generally sign posted to warn people of the danger and to keep out.  At times these warnings are ignored by trespassers, often resulting in serious consequences.  With the AcuSense technology built-in, an audible warning can be given to reinforce the warning.

  • Customizable audio warnings - With an AcuSense camera you can customise an audio message to be played when the camera detects someone attempting to enter the area.  Hearing a human voice is a more powerful warning compared to just a sign.


Click here to view the range of Hikvision AcuSense products that are available to Mayflex. 

Download the Hikvision AcuSense Products Overview.

Download the Hikvision AcuSense NVR Infographic.

Download the Hikvision AcuSense Scenario Poster.

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