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Certified Telecommunications Project Management - 3-day Instructor-led Remote Attendance Program

Remote learning
Course Description: 

Program Overview

Develop the knowledge and skills to define, initiate, deliver and close a complex telecommunications project, in time, on budget, and to the highest quality specifications.

Successful projects depend on highly trained and multi-skilled project managers equipped with the ability to communicate, plan and execute strategic project decisions and manage situations that have the potential to adversely impact progress. A successful project manager can develop and maintain a structured approach to delivering project processes effectively and with repeatability and scalability.

The Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM®) program equips learners with the skills and confidence to develop an end-to-end project implementation plan based on a multi-faceted campus telecommunications project.

CTPM® is based on the global standards for project management and adds technical input from programs within The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework. This combination delivers a unique project management education program designed specifically for the fast-paced world of telecommunications design and implementation.

Learners complete eight assignments that are assessed individually and combine to create the project management plan portfolio:

  •  Project Principles - What defines your project?
  • Project Integration Management - Combining all aspects of your project to produce outstanding results
  • Project Scope Management - Clearly defining exactly what are we delivering? And more importantly, what are we not delivering?
  • Project Quality Management - Delivering the precise quality product your customer will demand
  • Project Risk Management - Identifying and controlling what can possibly go wrong
  • Project Human Resource Management - Developing the team; getting the right people, working together towards a common goal for greatest effect
  • Project Time Management - Structuring, calculating and tracking your project tasks to maximise efficiency to come in on time, every time
  • Project Cost Management - Using advanced tools to ensure that you come in on budget

A certified CTPM® also considers the requirements for compliance, having a full understanding of national and international regulations, codes of practice and standards

Entry Requirements: 

Experience in telecommunications projects within a data centre or enterprise network environment would be an advantage.
Learners are required to have a webcam enabled laptop or suitable device with unrestricted wireless internet connectivity, the latest internet browser and suitable applications for reading/ annotating PDFs and editing standard office documents.

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0121 326 7557
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