What is the warranty on a replacement Avigilon unit?

Replacement units are not warranted separately and run concurrent with the original units purchase date.

Does the MOBOTIX M16 unit come complete with sense module lenses

You must purchase the lens module separately – please see below link. https://www.mayflex.com/products/search/m16

Can Avigilon license keys be transferred from old to new equipment?


License keys needs to be deactivated and then re-installed onto the new equipment.

Avigilon must be made aware of this.

Upgrading Avigilon Control Center 5 to Avigilon Control Center 6 is there a cost?


ACC 6 is a paid major version upgrade for ACC 5 customers and requires upgrade license keys in order to use the software.

Customers with ACC 5 systems should contact their integrator partner or Avigilon sales representative for more information including upgrade pricing.

Customers with ACC 5 systems that are not yet ready to upgrade to ACC 6 can continue to install ACC 5.10 service releases made available on the Avigilon website in order to pick up fixes for software defects.

Can you view a server using Avigilon Control Center 5 to view a server using Avigilon Control Center 6?

No, you would need to upgrade to Avigilon Control Center 6. However, you can view a server using Avigilon Control Center 5, if you are using Avigilon Control Center 6.

Does QNAP VioStor support hot swapping?

Yes. However, if the hard disks are working properly and recording is in process, do not hot swap the disks to avoid damage to the disks or recording files. Hot swapping can only be performed when a single disk crashes and there is no need to stop the recording.

Cannot find the NVR by QNAP Finder, the network connection is normal. What should I do?

This may be caused by NOD ESET SMART SECURITY antivirus software. The firewall of the software blocks the port used by Finder. To resolve this error, follow the steps below:

Click “Setup” > “Advanced Personal firewall setup”.

Select “Interactive mode” for Filtering mode and click “OK”.

After finishing the settings, you can start to use QNAP Finder correctly.

How to disable IGMP snooping on Edgecore ECS Switches ?

The factory default settings on the Edgecore ECS switches have DHCP enabled. This means if you don’t have a DHCP server available when the switch is introduced/patched onto the network it will not assign an IP address to the switch and you will not be able to view the GUI of the switch to change the configuration.

By factory default IGMP is also enabled on the switch which basically means it blocks certain traffic resulting in cameras not being discovered through for example the Avigilon Control Centre Client.

To assign a static IP address to and disable the IGMP snooping function you will need to alter the configuration through the console port.

A console lead is provided with the switch to enable you to configure the Edgecore switch through the console port on the device. However, You will need to use either a serial to USB converter lead with the lead provided or a male to male VGA adaptor to enable you to configure the switch.

If you don’t already have emulation software on your laptop or P.C i.e Putty or Telnet you will need to download a version from the link below:-


Choose the link version For Windows on Intel x86 PuTTY: putty.exe

You will then need to setup the emulation software so you can communicate with the Edgecore switch.


Make sure the terminal emulation software is set as follows:

Select the appropriate serial port i.e. COM port 1 or COM port 2 etc

Set the baud rate to 115200 bps.

Set the data format to 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity.

Set flow control to none.

Set the emulation mode to VT100.

When using HyperTerminal, select Terminal keys, not Windows keys.


Once you have configured the putty software or equivalent logon to the putty/telnet session

Username: admin

Password: admin

Follow the commands below to configure the static IP address and disable the IGMP snooping to allow the IP cameras to be discovered through the vendor software.


Console(config)#interface vlan 1

Console(config)#no ip igmp snooping


Console# copy running-config startup-config

then press "Enter"

Console#show ip interface

Type in prompt above to see if the ip details have been accepted by the switch.

When I use a Mobotix camera, the image size doesn't match the resolution setting on NVR.

Applied Models

NVR-104P, NVR-104V, VS-101P, VS-101V​, VS-2008, VS-2012, VS-201P, VS-201V, VS-4016U-RP, VS-5012, VS-5020, VS-8024, VS-8024U-RP​, VS-8032, VS-8032U-RP​, VS-8040, VS-8040U-RP

When setting resolution setting of Mobotix cameras as 2048 x 1536, 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600, the image size will become 768 x 576. When setting resolution setting of Mobotix cameras as 704 x 756, the image size will become 704 x 528. When setting resolution setting of Mobotix cameras as 352 x 288, the image size will become 352 x 264.

Go to your QNAP camera' page to set Quick Control value as "Full Image". The issue will be solved.

Are Level One/Edgecore switches IPv6 enabled?

GEP-0522 is an unmanaged switch belonging to Layer 2 (OSI Model) mac layer.

IPv6 is layer 3. So there is no need to enable the switch IPv6 on it. GEP-0522 just stores and forwards Ethernet packets with IPv6. So any Layer 2 switch will be able to perform with IPv6.

What is the default IP address of the SpotBox4K ?

Default IP address:

What is the default password for the Avigilon Control Center Gateway?

User: administrator

Password: blank – no password

The default administrator username is administrator with no password. You are required to change the password after your initial log in.

The default operator username is operator with no password.

Can I request a replacement item?

If the unit is less than 28 days old, then Mayflex will create an incident and send an advance replacement out at full value (provided we have stock). Replacement units usually are processed on a next day delivery. When the supplier has confirmed the fault, a credit will then be issued for the advance replacement. However, please note that if no fault is found the unit will be returned to you and a credit will not be issued for the replacement unit.

How do I send back my faulty item/s? Who pays for return postage costs?

Once the Technical Team have issued an Incident/RMA number the Customer Service department will then contact you to arrange a collection for the faulty item/s. You will receive an email with returns label attached and you will be advised to box up the unit securely with the Incident number on the outside of the box.
Mayflex will cover the costs of collections; however depending on the warranty status there may be a charge to return the unit.

When can you return a faulty item?

Once the  item/s have been reported and an RMA number has be issued the faulty unit can be returned at any time, depending on the warranty status of the item.

When you contact the Technical Support Department, you will be asked to provide the following information:

Sales order or invoice number unit/s were purchased on:-

Full part code of item/s.

Serial number on item/s where applicable.

Quantity to be returned.

How do I submit an RMA?

The first step of the process is getting an RMA number. You cannot send the product back without an RMA number, if you do this you risk the item not being processed and could lead to it being lost and no action taken. First, you’ll have to contact Technical Support at technicals@mayflex.com, you’ll need to either fill out an RMA form on which can be found on the Mayflex website or call the phone number 0800 093 1202 option 2; clearly explain your problem to the Technical Support Team. They will try to fix your problem over the phone, so being clear that you have tried various solutions can help. If you say, “My product doesn't work,” they will likely try to walk you through troubleshooting steps. If you say, “My product doesn’t work, and I’ve tried all these things, so I need to get an RMA.” and list all the things you have tried, you will probably get an RMA number more quickly.

How can I escalate my RMA?

Mayflex of course, strives to ensure that customers are pleased with the service and response times of quarries, however if for any reason you feel that you have had to wait too long for a response please speak with your account manager, and they will then escalate this to the Technical manager who will investigate the issues reported.

What tool do I use to detect the IP address of ACTi cameras on a network with a DHCP server?

The ACTi tool is called the IP Utility and can be downloaded from http://download.acti.com?id=15204

(you will have to create a logon username and password if you do not have one already)

What is the default IP address of ACTi cameras if there is no DHCP server?

ACTi default IP address:

How long is the advanced replacement warranty on a Level One GVT-2000 10/100/1000 BASE-T SFP CONVERTER

The warranty provided by Level One is 2 yrs from point of purchase this is further extended by Mayflex by another 3 yrs effectively offering the customer a 5 yr advance replacement service.