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About Hikvision

Hikvision has a wide range of IP products that can meet any install need your customers may require. From IP CCTV cameras, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and PTZ dome cameras, to panoramic camera systems in various sizes ideal for large buildings and infrastructure or small offices - Hikvision has it all! Buy Hikvision today from Mayflex.

Hikvision Range Includes:

  • Hikvision IP Cameras 

Hikvision IP Cameras are a perfect balance of CCTV performance and value.IP cameras provide overall higher video quality than analogue cameras. They offer more video site ranges, such as a wide or narrow field of view, and better zoom-in capabilities.

  • Hikvision PTZ Cameras

Hikvision pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras help users get wide-area coverage and zoom in for further detail. Users can view from any angle, for any detail, at any moment.

  • Hikvision NVR's

NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are important part of surveillance systems and allow to record videos from your security cameras. Unlike cloud storage, they do not cost you a monthly fee and can be configured for advanced motion control. HikVision all-in-one NVRs have powerful capabilities, supporting up to 32 MP resolution for recording. Ultra-high definition output up to 4K is now supported on all NVR models, from entry level to professional models perfect for large installers. 

  • Hikvision Intruder Alarms

The new Hik Vision AX PRO series supports up to 210 peripherals from a wide range includes internal and external detectors, contacts, keyfobs, and life safety sensors. Perfect for everything from everything residential and SOHO (small office/ home office) solutions, to commercial applications.

  • Hikvision Intercom Solutions

Hikvision's Video Intercom line offers a comprehensive range of products to enable more efficient and convenient two-way audio and video verification for entry control. Available and instock from Mayflex.

Hikvision are one of the largest suppliers of CCTV and security surveillance products worldwide. Hikvision security products offer the highest quality of hardware. Mayflex are a key supplier partner of Hikvision products and can support you with product information and system design.

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IP Cameras

Feature packed indoor and outdoor cameras

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Analogue surveillance cameras

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Hikvision Embedded Network Video Recorders

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Preconfigured NVR

Hikvision Embedded Network Video Recorders with pre-loaded hard drives

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Robust and rugged solutions for 360° requirements

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Hikvision Embedded Digital Video Recorders

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Turbo PTZ

Analog Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras for all round viewing

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Two-way audio and video verification for entry control

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Surveillance VMS platform

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Professional Wireless Intruder alarms

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Core Product Solutions

Key products for VASP partners

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Quality surveillance grade Hard Drives

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Provide perimeter coverage and/or where visibility is limited

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