IP Cameras

As a Trusted Partner with high expertise of CCTV security systems, we offer a full range IP based CCTV Cameras from brands including Hikvision, Axis, Avigilon, Mobotix in formats such as Dome, Bullet, PTZ and Turret Camera fully stocked for next day delivery at Mayflex.
Part Code:2.0C-H5A-BO1-IR
Part Code:2.0C-H5SL-DO1-IR
Part Code:15C-H4A-3MH-270
Part Code:2.0C-H5M-DO1-IR
Part Code:3.0C-H5SL-DO1-IR
Part Code:2.0C-H5SL-D1-IR
Part Code:3.0C-H5SL-BO1-IR
Part Code:8.0C-H5A-FE-DO1-IR
Part Code:2.0C-H6M-D1-IR
Part Code:2.0C-H5A-PTZ-DP36
Part Code:3.0C-H5SL-D1-IR
Part Code:4.0C-H5A-DO1-IR