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Suprema Solutions For Contactless Access Control

The COVID-19 has dramatically changed our way of life and given rise to a new normal where social and physical distancing and virtual interactions are commonplace.

Suprema is well equipped to meet the contactless needs of businesses and organizations around the world. Suprema’s ability to deliver complete end-to-end contactless access control solutions with a wide portfolio that encompasses face recognition, mobile access and thermal camera is what differentiates them from competitors.

Face Recognition Suprema’s latest face recognition terminal, FaceStation F2, comes with mask detection and remote management features, allowing organizations to better cope with the pandemic. Exceptional authentication accuracy (1 in 10 billion FAR) lets you enhance security as well as safety.

Thermal Camera Suprema Thermal Camera measures temperature accurately leveraging Suprema’s face recognition technology. High resolution thermal camera can measure the temperature close to core body temperature thanks to Suprema face recognition terminals that poinpoint the upper area of the face.

Mobile Access Reduce physical contact among employees by introducing Suprema Mobile Access that allows remote issuing and retracting of cards. Suprema offers Airfob Patch that minimizes transition cost by eliminating the need to replace card readers.


Key benefits of Suprema Contactless Solution

Safety Reducing physical contact reduces the risk of infection. Features like abnormal temperature and face mask detection can help keep individuals, businesses and society safe and healthy.

Cost-saving Investing in new technologies like mobile access can also save cost as an alternative to issuing physical cards.

Security Contactless access control solutions not only improve healthcare safety but strengthen information security as well.


Importance of Access Control in Return-to-Work

Experts have confirmed the importance of access controls as people return to work—KPMG lists access controls as one of the four key mitigation measures in allowing workers to return to the workplace. Choose Suprema contactless access control and keep your workplace safe and productive.


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