Raytec RAYMAX 300, 30-90° Adaptive Illumination, 850nm, inc PSU

Part Code: RM300-AI-30

The RAYMAX series of mains powered Infra-Red illuminators provides class leading performance, long life and requires zero maintenance. They incorporate the very latest surface mount LED’s to deliver outstanding reliability, a highly even light output and excellent surveillance images at night. The unique Adaptive Illumination™ concept provides the flexibility to alter the angle of illumination on site to match the exact camera field of view. Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination power and a projected working life of 10 years. RAYMAX illuminators are supplied with a dedicated power supply as standard.

  • Mains Powered Infra-Red LED Illuminators
  • Surface Mount LED Technology
  • Long 10 Year Life - Zero Maintenance
  • Adaptive Illumination™
  • Various Angles (10-180°)
  • Even Output Illumination
  • Active LED Life Control
  • Supplied with Dedicated Power Supply Unit
Type of light Infrared
Wavelength 850 nm
Effective range 120...200 m
Angle 30...90 °
Maximum system power 120 W
Power supply Included
IP-rating IP66
Height 160 mm
Width 81 mm
Mounting method Other
Operating temperature -50...50 °C
Cable length 2.5 m
Colour Black
Remote controllable function no

Key Features

  • Type of light: Infrared
  • Wavelength: 850 nm
  • Effective range: 120...200 m
  • Angle: 30...90 °
  • Maximum system power: 120 W
  • Power supply: Included

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