Paxton10 PaxLock Pro - Euro, internal, white

Part Code: PAX-010-603WT

The PaxLock Pro represents Paxton’s 3rd generation of electronic door handle; offering a robust, featureful and aesthetically pleasing product suitable for a multitude of installations.

The new patented design has been created to be both simple to install, intuitive to use and backed up by Paxton’s market leading 5 year warranty.

Offering two modes of operation the user can choose to use the PaxLock Pro as a standalone offline device, or connect it to a Paxton10 system via a Paxton10 Wireless connector.

  • Dual frequency reader
  • Wireless real-time event reporting
  • When PaxLock Pro is unlocked the handle moves freely
  • Compatible with both EU DIN and Scandinavian style lock cases
  • Dual standalone and online functionality in one unit
Standalone yes
Networkable yes
Max. number of doors 1
Type of interface Wi-Fi
Max. number of persons 50000
Reading method Data medium
Mounting method Other
Operation temperature 0...49 °C
IP-rating IP55
Colour White
Model Reader
Material Metal
Power over Ethernet None
Width 28 mm
Height 11 mm
Depth 49 mm

Key Features

  • Standalone: yes
  • Networkable: yes
  • Max. number of doors: 1
  • Type of interface: Wi-Fi
  • Max. number of persons: 50000
  • Reading method: Data medium

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