Fully Adjustable L Bracket for Slimline Magnets

Part Code: ADGI-1

Adjustable Bracket for Deedlock Standard/Slimline Magnet

  • Easy and quick to fit
  • Simple to adjust magnet position
  • No fixings required into the underside of the transom
  • Includes a cavity and cut out to make cabling easier
  • Comes completely assembled with anti-tilt
  • The adjustable plate can be moved in or out by 37mm
  • It also allows for ± 3 degrees movement on this plate in case the door is not straight in the frame
  • Larger adjustable plates are available if required
  • Available for AEM10010 Standard Magnet and AEM10001 Slimline Magnet
Basic colour Other

Key Features

  • Basic colour: Other

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