Avigilon VIRDI Fingerprint and Card Enrollment Reader with Touchscreen Keypad


VIRDI IP65 Fingerprint Smartcard Reader with keypad (Wiegand and OSDP).

Using human capacitance, infrared light and advanced algorithms, the optical fingerprint sensor on each biometric reader delivers a high level of accuracy and speed using patented Live and Fake Finger Detection Technology from VIRDI. The following VIRDIfingerprint readers are available from Avigilon.

Type of interface POE TCP/IP (10/100M)
Max. number of persons 20000
Reading method Biometric and code
Operation temperature -20...50 °C
IP-rating IP65
Colour Black
Model Reader
Material Plastic
Width 88 mm
Height 175 mm
Depth 43.5 mm

Key Features

  • Type of interface: POE TCP/IP (10/100M)
  • Max. number of persons: 20000
  • Reading method: Biometric and code
  • Operation temperature: -20...50 °C
  • IP-rating: IP65
  • Colour: Black

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