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See The Light With Raytec & Avigilon Integration Events

Raytec & Avigilon Integration Events
Tuesday 22nd March 2016

March 2016, Mayflex the distributor of Converged IP Solutions is hosting two events in April, in conjunction with Raytec and Avigilon to demonstrate the latest IP systems designed to improve night-time images and video analytics, and deter crime.

The sessions will be held in Leeds on the 26th April and in London on the 27th April and will be delivered by representatives of Mayflex, Raytec and Avigilon. Each session will incorporate a live demo to demonstrate the integrated technologies.

Tracey Calcutt, Marketing Manager at Mayflex comments, the most challenging conditions for video surveillance are at night. With the growth of IP surveillance, the need for dedicated network lighting is becoming increasingly important, not only to help cameras achieve good images at night, but also to ensure full and dynamic control over site security at all times.”

Raytec’s range of VARIO IP network illuminators is the world’s first CCTV lighting range to be fully integrated with the Avigilon ‘Control Center’ Video Management System, via a user friendly and dedicated lighting user interface. Through the use of the integration with the Avigilon Control Center from Avigilon™, VARIO IP illuminators can now operate in conjunction with Avigilon HD video security cameras and other network devices.

This integration improves security event response capabilities by delivering dynamic, situation-dependent lighting to accompany live security camera events. Overall, ensuring the highest levels of security and safety at all times in answering incidents.

To find out more and to see a live demonstration of the Raytec and Avigilon integration register to attend one of the events

For further information on the Raytec and Avigilon product range, contact the sales team on  0800 75 75 65 or email