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Mayflex Install Thermal Cameras At Their Head Office

Friday 22nd May 2020

May 2020, Mayflex, the distributor of Converged IP Solutions, has installed Thermal Elevated Temperature Screening Solutions from Hikvision to improve the health and safety of their employees and visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The system works by automatically checking the forehead skin temperature in real time as employees pass by, maintaining a 2m gap in accordance with UK Government social distancing advice.

If a person is over a normal temperature threshold, an audible and visual alarm is given and they will be asked to verify their body temperature using a medical thermometer.

If in the future face masks become mandatory, the system can also verify if a visitor or employee is wearing a mask.

James Vian, Technical and Training Manager said ‘The temperature screening solution has been installed in our main reception as well as the warehouse entrances at both the Head Office and our Environ House warehouse.  The system includes the Hikvision Thermographic Bullet and Turret Cameras with the addition of the Hikvision Blackbody Calibrator that increases the accuracy of the readings from ±0.5oC to ±0.3oC.’

Andy Cooper, Supply Chain Director at Mayflex said “It’s a non-contact means of quickly and consistently measuring the skin temperature of a person’s forehead, whilst maintaining social distancing in line with current Government guidelines.  In doing so, we can reduce the likelihood of someone with an elevated temperature coming into contact with other building occupants.  This also reduces the possibility of losing an entire shift for 14 days, ensuring that we can deliver on our customers’ needs even in these challenging times”

Andy concluded “It gives me confidence that we are doing everything we can to ensure the wellbeing of staff and protecting the business during the Coronavirus Pandemic”

Hikvision are the world’s number one manufacturer of security products, which are distributed by Mayflex in the UK. 

For further details on this thermal solution and much more please contact Mayflex’s Dedicated Security Sales Team on 0121 326 2228 or email