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Excel Launches A Residential/SoHo Networking Product Range

Excel Residential Solution
Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Excel Networking Solutions, the copper and optical cabling infrastructure provider, has launched a full range of products aimed at the residential/SoHo networking market, which will be available throughout EMEA.

Connected homes are becoming an increasingly active part of the construction and refurb market as the number of wired and wireless devices and systems within residences increases.  This trend is being replicated by housing developers, self builders, student accommodation developers and for existing home owners who need to add more connectivity to their homes.

The Excel residential range includes new 25AWG Category 6  reduced diameter cable, flat and mini Category 6 patch leads, CATV splitter, a residential telephone panel, a range of AV Inserts, FFTX surface mount boxes and faceplates, the residential SoHo cabinet, the Verticab along with other products from the existing Excel range that are complementary to a residential installation.

Paul Cave, Technical Product Manager commented ‘With the connected world and Internet of Things we are expecting to control devices from an app on a Smartphone or Tablet, whether it’s in the work environment or at home.   We are seeing all new homes and apartments having an internet connection and the Excel Residential Cabling solution has been developed to provide a suite of products that have been designed for that purpose.’

Paul continued ‘A great deal of time and thought has gone into developing the range to ensure that we have a scalable solution to meet any requirement, what’s more when an accredited Excel partner installs a home networking solution they are able to provide the comprehensive 25 year warranty if required.’

Whilst designed principally for the growing home market, many of the products being introduced are equally suitable for hotel/hospitality markets.

Paul concluded ‘The products are in stock and full details of the range are available by visiting the new Excel website’ and search for Residential.