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Excel FTTx Solutions from Mayflex

Mayflex, A Sonepar Company – a leading distributor of converged IP solutions including infrastructure, networking and IP security – is headquartered in the UK where a team of industry experts use specialist knowledge and experience to bring together ‘best-in-class’ solutions to create a compatible, feature rich, value for money offering to meet the demanding needs of business types and sizes across all sectors.

In 2020, Mayflex enhanced their Excel brand’s product portfolio to include cables, ducts and distribution enclosures, designed to support high speed multi subscriber applications with high density, ease of install and reliability at the core of each design.

Excel from Mayflex offers:

FTTx Cable




  • 4f to 864f
  • Internal CPR Compliant – B2ca
  • External – Dry, Gel filled, Armoured
  • Microcables – For blowing
  • Pre-terminated DC and MDU drop cables
  • PIA Approved ULW cable 4f – 48f
  • Single and multi-duct and sub-duct designs
  • Internal, duct and direct burial
  • Wide range of connectors, accessories
  • External Dome
  • BUDI Boxes
  • Internal MDU / Riser
  • Campus 19” Equipment Racks
  • 19” rack mount
  • In-premise outlets
  • Patch leads and pigtails
  • Splice trays
  • Splitters
  • Connectors and Adapters
  • Labels
  • Tooling
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Whilst the breadth and flexibility of these solutions make them suitable for a range of FTTp environments, the majority are specifically designed with FTTh build out programmes in mind, resulting in Mayflex partnering with a growing number of established and new-to-market service providers. We strongly believe in the value of a partnership approach to our working relationship with customers. Find out why more and more service providers are using Enbeam from Excel by clicking the button below.

Our online catalogue captures the most popular and frequently used products. 

If you are looking for something bespoke, or if what you find in our online catalogue doesn't quite meet your requirements, please talk to our team. We can usually meet bespoke requirements with short lead times and a competitive pricing together with 3D rendered imagery and detailed drawings for approval.

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