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Wanzl was founded in 1918 in the Czech Republic. Solid craftsmanship has been a tradition at Wanzl from the outset. What started out as a craftsman’s workshop has long since become a global group with a wide and varied product range with impressive production depth. Wanzl's focus is on premium quality, new technologies and innovative, functional design. Wanzl now employs 400 staff and turnover has increased to over DM 16 million. For over 50 years, turnstiles, customer guidance systems and barriers have been a focal point of the Wanzl product range. The innovative, high-quality Wanzl security products are in use in all kinds of critical locations that require protection against unauthorised access while still offering unrestricted access to authorised persons.

Solutions to keep your customers safe

Wanzl's extensive range of access control solutions enable you to provide the maximum level of protection to your customers and colleagues and help you keep your premises safe. 

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Interior Security Gates

Steering, guiding, demarcating and protecting; Manual and electronic guidance systems from Wanzl always show the right way in any direction. Wanzl guidance systems protect sensitive areas against unauthorized access. 



Turnstiles are a clever solution for ensuring large numbers of people can enter a premises in an secure and safe way. Wanzl make it easy for your customer or employees to enter your premises, and they offer a wide range of different turnstiles for public facilities and large businesses. 


Exterior Perimeter Security

Wanzl help you to protect your commercial and distribution sites from unauthorised vehicle access and control vehicle traffic on site. From rising barriers to impact resistant yard gates, Wanzls' range provides solutions for sites with varying security, pedestrian and vehicle traffic volume requirements. 

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