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Avigilon H5 Pro Camera


The most powerful and innovative high resolution camera enables you to capture the best-in-class image details over vast areas. Motorola Solutions’ 10K HD Pro camera is a single-sensor camera that delivers stunning image detail. Built with large spaces in mind, the H5 Pro provides maximum scene coverage options with an improved frame rate and low light performance. This enables sites to be more efficient with fewer cameras, while still enhancing situational awareness and provides superior evidentiary detailing for investigations to help keep the environment safe and secure.

HDSM Smartcodec Technology

Minimize bandwidth and storage consumption through our patented High Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM) 2.0 technology. HDSM™ 2.0 patented technology drastically reduces server-client bandwidth requirements and makes optimal use of computing and storage resources.


Low Light Performance

Enhanced low light performance helps to monitor areas without adequate lighting and can capture wide scenes (e.g., parking lots, open fields, city streets, stadiums). The reduced image noise and blur combined with embedded analytics enables powerful after-hours, low light live monitoring.



The camera’s high resolution allows for a single H5 Pro to do the job that would normally be required by multiple cameras.



The first of its kind to provide high definition imaging with embedded analytics capabilities.

Wide Dynamic Range

Captures details in scenes with both very bright  and very dark areas.

FIPS 140-2 (Level 1) Compliant

Enables the camera to be deployed at sites requiring FIPS-compliant cryptography.

Smart Analytics

Unlock powerful analytic capabilities to improve response times and provide unparalleled evidence for ongoing investigations.

Facial Recognition:

Quickly identify a person of interest with more accurate context to make more informed decisions on critical events.

Unusual Activity Detection :

Enables detection of atypical activities, such as people and vehicles traveling at faster speeds or are in unusual locations.

Appearance Search Technology:

Helps to quickly locate a person of interest to improve incident response times and enhance forensic investigations. 



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Extensive Product Range Suited to all Markets

Avigilon has a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different levels of security and cater for projects of all sizes. 

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Large Stock Holding & Complementary Products 

Mayflex has developed its business to become a leading distributor of converged IP solutions. Our product range includes IP security, cabling infrastructure and Ethernet switching products.

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Avigilon Support & Downloads

Avigilon have a wealth of technical resources available and round the clock technical support.

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Mayflex Academy: Certified Installer Training

The Mayflex Academy provides customers with access to certified vendor training courses in a professional training environment.

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Avigilon Success Stories

Avigilon products are installed in thousands of places across the world - read about a few of them.



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Pre-Staging of IP Cameras and Pre-Built NVR’s

Our in-house team of experts can load IP addresses, software, set parameters, naming and logins etc and save you time onsite.

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Camera Spraying: Match the Installation Environment

A bespoke service which takes a camera and its associated fittings and spray it to an exact colour requirement. Offering clients, a discreet solution which blends in with its surrounding environment.

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Sales Personnel: Assist with Product Choice and Design

The Mayflex team of security sales experts, are available to offer support on product choice and system design. Suggesting the products best suited to a project’s requirements.

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Our dedicated pre-sales resource and technical team, are based out of our Birmingham HQ and are available 5 days a week between 8am and 6pm.

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